The Danish city of Aalborg ensures dignified elderly care in cooperation with Borringia

Aalborg Municipality has decided to invest heavily in new welfare technology to ensure a dignified future elderly care - both for the elderly and for the staff. The project is based on the demographic development, which a few years will result in a shortage of caregivers and more elderly people in need of assistance.

The image shown above is ”Danahøj”, one of the 47 nursing homes in the city of Aalborg, Denmark, which are now equipped to deliver the elderly care of the future.

Many elderly citizens need assistance to get into and out of bed, for toileting, showering, personal hygiene, getting dressed etc. With old-fashioned aid products these tasks occupy much of caregivers’ time and a lot of the time is spent on "mechanics" instead of “care”. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the traditional products require 2 caregivers to operate.

An intervention study conducted with support from the Danish Welfare Technology Fund (formerly ABT-Fund) has shown that by combining electrical integrated care chairs from Borringia and ceiling lifts from Guldmann A/S with thorough staff training, you can go from 2 to 1 caregivers in three out of four cases. Interestingly, the staff express that they experience less stress, an improved working environment combined with more time for the individual citizen. And, the citizens are experiencing more private and dignified care situations.

The general aging means that in a few years there will be about 30% more elderly people in need of assistance combined with 30-40% fewer caregivers to help them. Therefore, Aalborg has made the visionary decision to pro-actively reorganize the whole “area”, starting in the spring of 2013. Rails for ceiling track hoists are installed in all 1,700 apartments at the municipality's 47 nursing homes - whether the citizen needs a lift at this time or not. At present, there are approx. 400 citizens in Aalborg's nursing homes, who need to be equipped with both a ceiling track hoist and an integrated care chair from Borringia. Once the installation is completed at the end of May 2013, a massive training program will be initiated: Over a year Borringia and Guldmann will carry out a thorough training program covering all 2.000 caregivers at Aalborg’s nursing homes, who will be trained in the optimal use of the new tools. The goal is to free up so much time from "mechanics" that the level of service can not only be maintained, but actually improved, even with fewer caregivers and more dependent elderly in the future.

As an added bonus, it has been shown that the new tools not only improve citizen service and working environment. Actually massive savings are also obtained, because cumbersome and time consuming work routines, which neither benefitted the citizen or the caregiver, are eliminated.

For further information please feel free to contact:

Project Leader Jacob Mulbjerg Gravers, Aalborg. E-mail:
Man. Director Henrik Kofoed, Borringia A/S, e-mail:

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